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2023 Rewind 

On April 12, 2023, Boal City Brewing opened its doors to the public.  It had been our own, private brewery, as we prepared to open. On April 12th we let everyone in on our big secret.  The weather cooperated for the first month.  Master craftsmen built the taproom with materials of interest.  Our first customers walked into an airy venue with plenty of outdoor seating, great service, firepits, views of the ridgeline, and oh, the beer!  On that day, we offered four craft beers from Head Brewer Mike Smith - two India Pale Ales, a Belgian Single Ale, and a Brown Ale.

Our mission was simple.  Offer impeccable and fresh craft beer in a fabulous, outdoor-centric venue with a great vibe.

Our courtyard at the front entry, always inviting, and close the food truck!

No fancy beer ‘names’ just yet.  We kept it simple by offering different styles – some with a unique interpretation.  For repeats, we used recipe modifications.  The goal?  To find the right beers to produce regularly.  The ones we love.  The ones our customers love.  This led to the genesis of one of our motto’s: Freshly.  Imagined. Craft. Adventure.

We ran out of some beers quickly and had to adapt, dropping in some local guest taps, mixing up some fresh cocktails, and leaning on local hard cider options.  There was no way we were going to be able to can the beer anytime soon.  Sigh.  People brought their own chairs and set up shop in the yard early and often.  The response was tremendous.  And we were off and running. “Let’s just make it through Memorial Day”, we said.

As a pleasant surprise, the food truck scene in Central PA is quite robust.  Boal City Brewing offered food trucks four, then five, then six days per week.  You all are adventurous eaters, and we love that!  Summer rolled along and the vibe was right.  Cars lined the overflow parking lot, but it was never a problem getting a beer.  We quipped - Boal City Brewing, where it only looks busy!  The taproom and beer garden space accommodate so many people.  Please tell your friends!

Finally, in mid-summer, we started canning the beer in earnest and improved efficiency enough that we produced enough cans to keep the refrigerator stocked with BCB beer.  Our first beer release was a one-off India Pale Ale made with Galaxy hops.  I worked with local artist Maggie Scotilla on the label design.  We sold it out of the back of the brewery that Saturday.  Two generations of can labels followed.  Stay tuned for exciting news in 2024 on the can label(s) front!

I love it when customers take our beer home, or across state lines, and share it with friends – especially those that otherwise don’t have access to our beer.

Fall ushered in a refreshing change.  On the production side, we were able to get our collective heads above water.  Round-the-clock brewing by Mike Smith and a slight reduction in demand allowed us to consistently reach our target of 6-8 BCB beers on tap at any one time.  Alas, the popular Endless Summer cocktails days were numbered - it wouldn’t be an endless summer after all.

The live music scene continued to gain steam in the fall and we had some magical nights at BCB with plenty of talented musicians doing their thing.  The holiday season was busy.  We poured beer at a few holiday markets and events, met new customers, and visited with plenty of great people. 

2024 will bring change, good change, and we are excited about it! This year has been rightly termed Boal City Brewing’s validation year.  The year we grow, evolve, and take some chances but offer the same great beer and the same great vibes.  We’re excited for the future and we’re so grateful to have you a part of it.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for helping to launch this spaceship.  The journey is just beginning and we’re happy to have you along for the ride! 

THANK YOU, THE READER, for your support and allowing us, your local craft brewery - Boal City Brewing - to send you communications about life, beer, and our adventures.

One of our very first German Weisbier and India Pale Ales on display in the beer garden on a beautiful spring day

Post mountain bike ride brew and food at sunset

Starry Hop artwork as Boal City Brewing’s first can release – now a collector’s item!

View from the lawn on a starry night at BCB

Oktoberfest started strong. The beer lasted a few weeks culminating in BCB’s First Annual 5K Trail Race.  We look forward to hosting this fantastic community event on the 1st Sunday in October each year.  Mark you calendars!

Kate Twoey played acoustic guitar as the first live musician at BCB - this was an emotional night.

Early on, I realized the importance of beer ‘freshness’ – perhaps a largely underrated aspect by many.  Fresh beer represents a nuance that is perhaps tough to put your finger on at first, but this aspect dances in the forefront of the taproom beer-drinking experience.  At Boal City Brewing, it’s the ENTIRE sensory experience that we were prepared to offer.

The first post run social for the Trails and Ales Run Club at BCB

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