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Adventure and beer.  What could be better?  Central Pennsylvania offers the natural resources and Boal City Brewing brings the craft beer.  Located at the base of Rothrock State Forest in Boalsburg, PA, we have consciously created a memorable customer experience at our Taproom and Beer Garden. Boal City Brewing offers expansive forest views, bike path access, trails on the property, and easy access to recreational activities in the forest.

Unlike large distribution breweries, we sell almost all of our beer where it’s built - on draft.  We invite you to stay and sample our beer in-house, have an espresso, listen to great music, relax, and take in the views!


Mike Smith, has been brewing innovative beers for the past nineteen years. After starting as a homebrewer, Mike made the decision to go back to school and completed the Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering program offered by the American Brewer's Guild. After graduating he accepted a job at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton, DE where he brewed alongside some of the best and most innovative brewers in the country. Mike then moved to Ithaca, NY where he became a lead Brewer for the Ithaca Beer Company. While there he brewed on a team that produced world class beers that were recognized with medals on both the state and national levels. From there he moved back to his hometown, State College, where he became the Head Brewer at The Gamble Mill in Bellefonte, PA. He developed a full portfolio of beers that gained popularity throughout the region. 

After his time at The Gamble Mill, Mike decided to point his skills and experience in a different direction when he accepted the Head Distiller position at Barrel 21 Distillery in State College, PA. While at Barrel 21, Mike picked up valuable experience in producing various spirits and dove deep into the barrel aging process. Two whiskeys that Mike produced at Barrel 21 recently received gold and bronze awards from the American Craft Spirits Association. 

Over the years, Mike has brewed on systems ranging in size from 3 barrels up to 100 barrels and looks forward to making his move back into a brewery where he can use all of his experience to craft innovative beers of the highest quality. 

Our Brewer

Mike Smith
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